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This was an organization of German police whose task it was to preserve public order and security, as opposed to police units that dealt with crime prevention. They were known as the green police, on account of the color of their uniforms. The schupo was under direct command of the Main Office of the Order-Police (OrPo) headed by Kurt Daluege. During the late 1930s, the Schupo was reorganized in order to include large para-military reserve batallions. The organization tripled in size in this period. Most of the troops were reserve forces called up in emergencies. The various police regiments were stationed within and outside the Reich as needed. They were deployed during the annexation of Austria (“Anschluss”) in 1938, and the occupation of the Czech Republic in 1939. At the start of WW II they were sent to the occupied Poland, where they carried out police actions alongside the Wehrmacht. Many police regiments carried out mass murders of Jews when Germany invaded the Soviet Union. In 1941 the Schupo was assigned with the task of guarding deportation trains.

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