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The Gestapo Offices in the city of Tilsit (today Sovetsk), located on the border of Germany and Lithuania, were established in 1933 at the Police Administration building. It was initially headed by Freidrich Brix who was replaced in 1937 by Heinz Gräfe, and in 1940 by Hans-Joachim Böhme. The Tilsit Gestapo dealt with persecuting those perceived as enemies of the regime throughout the East Prussian district of Gumbinnen. It also had jurisdiction over several guard posts along the German-Lithuanian border. In 1941, with the invasion of the USSR, German troops conquered Lithuania and the Tilsit Gestapo assumed jurisdiction on both sides of the border. As early as June 1941, the Tilsit Gestapo assisted the Einsatzgruppe A (mobile killing unit) and participated in their mass-shootings of civilians throughout the Baltic region, many of them Jewish. Eventually, the Tilsit Gestapo formed its own killing squad, Einsatzkommando Tilsit.

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