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The head office of Gestapo Dresden was located at Bismarckstraße (today’s Bayerische Straße) 16-18, at the former Continental Hotel, opposite Dresden’s central train station. The Gestapo carried out the deportation of Jews from Dresden and the surrounding area to ghettos and extermination camps in the east between January 1942 and February 1945 and was headed by Willi Müller-Metz. From early 1942 the Gestapo in Dresden also operated a forced-labor camp on the city’s Hellerberg. Most of the inmates were Jews from Dresden and Saxony who were put to work installing time fuses for camera manufacturer Zeiss Ikon in the nearby Goehle-Werke. The camp was also used in the factory roundup action (“Fabrikaktion”) of February 1943, as an assembly point for Jews who were sent from the manufacturing plants to Auschwitz-Birkenau where most perished. The allied air raid on 13 February 1945 completely destroyed the Gestapo Dresden head office.

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