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The Gestapo Headquarters in the East Prussian city of Königsberg (today Kaliningrad, Russia) were established in 1933 and located in the police administration building at General-Litzmann-Straße 3/7. As was the case with other Gestapo offices, the Königsberg Gestapo was tasked with persecuting groups and individuals who were perceived to be opponents of the Nazi regime. The headquarters controlled subsidiary offices in Allenstein (Olsztyn), Tilsit (Sovetsk) and, following the annexation of Poland, Ziechenau (Ciechanow). Heads of the Königsberg Gestapo were Wilhelm Casper (1933), Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski (1934), Heinrich Vitzdamm (1940), Constantin Canaris who also served as head of the Security Police and SD (1941), and Horst Freytag (1942). At the onset of the Polish campaign in 1939, the area of Dzialdowo (Soldau) was annexed to the German Reich and placed under the jurisdiction of the Allenstein Gestapo. The Königsberg Gestapo was thus responsible for the operation of the Soldau concentration camp where thousands of Jewish and Polish prisoners were murdered. From June 1941 until October 1942, the Allenstein Gestapo also had jurisdiction over the Bilaystok area where other atrocities took place including mass murder and the the concentration of around 50,000 Jews into the ghetto. The Königsberg Gestapo was dissolved during early 1945 when, in the face of the Red Army’s advance, the city of Königsberg became a military installation in all but name.

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