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The Marechaussee was an auxiliary-police force that took part in various operations in the Netherlands and performed several special duties as well. One of these duties during the 1930s was to guard the borders in order to keep Jewish and other refugees from entering. When the Westerbork refugee camp was established in 1939, its guards were drawn from the ranks of the Marechaussee. During the German occupation the Marechaussee was subordinated to the Dutch police command by order of Hans Albin Rauter, Higher SS and Police Commander (HSSPF) in the Netherlands. In 1942, after Westerbork became a transit camp for Jews en route to extermination camps in Eastern Europe, Marechaussee personnel remained in the camp there to maintain order and prevent escapes. From July to November 1942, before the rail line was extended to reach the camp, members of the Marechaussee were used to march the Jews to a railroad station several kilometers from the camp.

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