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The International Institute for Holocaust Research

How to use the site

The site contains two search options:

The first search option makes it possible to search for transports that departed: 1. from a certain point of departure; 2. to specific destinations; and 3. at a certain point in time. The second option enables an individual search, based on given and family names of Jews on the various transports. Most of the names are of Jews deported and murdered upon arrival at various destinations. It is recommended to also conduct searches in the central data base of Shoa victims' names.

By navigating the site, it is possible to move from a list of names of deportees to a description of the transport, and vice versa. The names of towns, cities and villages included in the project are spelled according to their local language: thus, for instance, in order to conduct a search for transports that departed from Vienna, it is necessary to type the word “Wien”. Names of countries are spelled in accordance with common English language usage, e.g. Austria.

The detailed account of each individual transport includes a presentation of the events leading up to the deportation of Jews. One can trace the different waves of deportations, with their specific historical context and factors. Among the methodological problems is the question of the number of deportees. In some cases, in a specific transport one can find different lists of deportees compiled by various Nazi agencies, or the local Jewish community at the time. It is, therefore, impossible to reach a conclusive number.

The search results include information from different databases in various languages. Thus, the spelling of people and place names may vary according to the language of the original data.

The site also provides various aids, such as maps, photographs, testimonies, videos and literary references that deal with specific transports or explanations and general research into the period under discussion. Links are also provided to bibliographical details in the Yad Vashem library and files in the Yad Vashem archives. These links provide researchers with access to broader information and additional documents.

Naturally the information provided here depends on the standard of that in the original and is, therefore, not always uniform in quality.