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Testimony of Ariel Moshkovitz, born 1926 in Bratislava, regarding his experiences in Amsterdam, Westerbork and Ravensbrueck

Life in Bratislava, Slovakia; moves to Amsterdam where his father was a cantor at the Lekstratt synagogue

Entry of the Germans, and deterioration in the living conditions; confiscation of property; witness is deported to Westerbork; from there, he is deported with his mother to Ravensbrueck; life in the camp; beatings and savage dogs; bad treatment by the block elder; humiliation of the Jews by German Gypsies; his experiences as a child in the women's camp; receives letters written by his father from Buchenwald and writes a letter he sent to his father from Ravensbrueck; is deported to Bergen-Belsen; the sight of piles of corpses; hunger.

Reunion with his father in Eindhoven after war; struggles to return to normal life; meets with members of the Brigade; reactions in Amsterdam to the announcement of the establishment of the State of Israel.

Additional Details

Record Group: O.3 - Testimonies Department of the Yad Vashem Archives
File Number: 10515
Item ID: 3565044

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