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Documentation, including reports, protocols, orders and so forth, related mainly to activities of the RSHA, SS, SD, Police and Wehrmacht, 1939-1944; documentation dated, 1939-1946

Included in the file:

Letter, marked as Classified, of SS-Oberfuehrer Viktor Brack to Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler, in which he suggests to select and preserve approximately two-three million fit-for-work Jews following their sterilization or castration by X-ray. (pp. 2-3).

Letter of SS-Gruppenfuehrer Odilo Globocnik (from Triest) to SS-Gruppenfuehrer Maximilian von Herff in the SS-Personalhauptamt in Berlin (Main Staff Office of the SS), in which he asks to transfer some of his former staff from Lublin to Triest. Globocnik justifies his request with the completion of the Reinhard "Aktion" in Poland. (pp. 4-12).

Notation (marked as Geheime Reichssache) concerning the work performance, efficiency and capacity of various SS forced labor camps in the Generalgouvernement in Poniatowa, Trawniki, Budzyn and Lublin (Poland). Notation possibly/ probably written by SS-Gruppenfuehrer Maximilian von Herff. (pp. 13-20).

Classified note of the Gebietskommissar in Rowne (Ukraine), addressed to a German company in Rowne, worded as follows: "The Jewish laborers employed in your company are not covered by the action. You have to relocate them to their new working place, by the latest on Wednesday, 15 July 1942. The District Commissioner." (p. 21).

Report of the Economy Squad in Kiev (Wirtschaftskommando Kiew). (pp. 22-24). The report includes the note that various Jews had been executed by German soldiers in the G.P.U. prison during the night of 25-26 July. (p. 24).

Excerpt from War Diary (No. One) of the High Command of the Middle Army Group (Oberkommando der Heeresgruppe Mitte), December 1941 (pp. 28-33), including a general report concerning the situation of equipment and board [food], as well as the morale of the troops. The report notes the shooting of Jews, POWs and functionaries, as follows: "... I gained the impression that the shootings are almost generally rejected in the officer corps ....". (p. 31).

Notation concerning a meeting between Heinrich Himmler, Otto Georg Thierack and Curt Rothenberger, concerning plans for judicial reform (18/09/1942). (p. 34-35).

Request by the Commissioner of the Security Police in Lithuania to the SS Settlement Division in Kaunas, for preferred treatment of German informants concerning the allotment of settlements in Lithuania. (pp. 36-39).

German Army waybills for four wagons of coal and wood from Treblinka to the SS labor camp in Lublin (Feeder Track, Old Airfield). (p. 40-44).

Notation concerning an administrative spin-off of various concentration camp factories, as part of the further decentralization and reorganization of Department W-IV, including: Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, Auschwitz, Stutthof, Fuerstenwalde, Ravensbrueck, Lemberg and Lublin, including lists of staff positions. (pp. 45-46).

Minutes of the meeting of the Generalgouvernement in Krakow, 16/12/1941.
Includes in most part statements concerning the general supply situation in the Generalgouvernement (pp. 47-56) and a demand for quicker and simplified executions of death penalties for Jews, in cases of illegal departure from the ghetto areas. (p. 56).

Testimony of a (probably) Ukrainian Jew (the name is partially blacked out) and Red Army soldier during the Nuremberg Trials, concerning the participation of the Waffen-SS in mass shootings and deportations of Jews, primarily in Radom, Poland, 05 August, 16 August and 17 August 1942. (p. 57).

Report, marked as Classified, of Army District Command 21, concerning the internal situation of the Wartheland. (pp. 58-60).
Mention of persecutions of / i.e. attacks on/ Jews and Poles by SS units. (p. 59).

Order, marked as Classified, by the Commander of the Secret Police and the SD for the Generalgouvernement concerning the "evacuation" of prisons:
"In case of the approach of enemy troops, precaution has to be taken for a complete evacuation of the prisons. If, however, an evacuation is not possible, all prisoners are to be killed and their remains disposed afterwards. The same applies for Jewish forced laborers. In any case, care must be taken that no prisoner or Jew is to fall into the hands of the enemy alive (the western Allied Forces or the Red Army, alike)." (pp. 61-64).

Report, marked as Classified, prepared by the Command Office of the Waffen-SS, addressed to the Reichsfuehrer-SS, concerning executions by the Waffen-SS in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia:
In Prague: 99 shootings and 21 hangings;
In Bruenn: 54 shootings and 17 hangings.
In total: 191 executions, of which 16 were Jews. (p. 65).

Order, marked as Classified, by the Commander of the Secret Police and the SD for the Radom District, concerning collective punishment of families of assassins and saboteurs:
In cases of assassinations, assassination attempts or acts of sabotage, along with the perpetrator, all male relatives (over age 16 years) are to be shot to death, and all female relatives (over age 16 years) are to be sent to a concentration camp. (p. 66).

Notation, marked as Classified, by the Commander of the Secret Police and the SD for the Radom District, concerning "enhanced interrogation methods" against the non-German population in connection to criminal investigations, including instructions for the use of torture. (pp. 67-69).

Report concerning the "pacification" of the village (Zawady) in Borysowka (Bialystok District) by the 9th Company of SS-Police Regiment 15:
During 22-26 September 1942, the village of Borysowka was cordoned off, the population was herded together and, except for five families, [all were] shot to death.
Altogether: 49 men, 97 women, and 23 children were killed; a total of 169 civilians. (pp. 70-71).

Notation, marked as Classified, by the Supreme Command of Army Group B concerning the handling of the civilian population of Ukraine.
Quote: "... we are the master race ...". (p. 72).

Notation, marked as Classified, addressed to all external SD commands, supporting rigorous measures against the civilian population (in Ukraine) to maintain law and order, such as the shooting of Hungarian Jews, agronomists and children, the total burning down of settlements, and the "aligning" of prisoners. Furthermore, approximately one million civilians from Ukraine are intended to be put into forced labor. (pp. 73-74).

Notice by the Chief Command of the Army Judiciary:
The Field Military Court of the Armored Division [in] Kempf sentenced an SS-Sturmmann to three years in prison and a policeman of the field police to nine years in prison, for shooting approximately 50 Jews after forced labor, for no apparent reason. (p. 75).

Report of a witness hearing during the Nuremberg Trials. Personal data is blacked out. Includes testimony concerning the involvement of the Waffen-SS in killings and deportations of Jews in the Lublin District. (p. 76).

Report on a witness hearing by the War Crimes Investigation Unit (of the British Army of the Rhine) at Kiel, Germany, 03 May 1946:
Testimony by former German Marine Administrative Assistant, Walter Kurt D. (the last name is blacked out), concerning the murder of approximately 7,000 Jews of Libau (Liepaja), Latvia who were murdered by German Gestapo and Latvian Police (under German Gestapo command), 1941-1942. (pp. 77-78).

Circular Express Letter by the Chief of the German Order Police in Berlin, marked as Classified, concerning the deportation of 50,000 Jews from the "Altreich" and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, to the Riga and Minsk region, 01/11/1941-04/12/1941. (p. 79).

Order by Hermann Goering to Reinhard Heydrich to prepare a plan for the "Final Solution of the Jewish Problem", July 1941. (p. 80).

Circular Express Letter by the Reichssicherheitshauptamt in Berlin, marked as Classified, concerning an agreement between Reichsfuehrer-SS Himmler and Reichs Justice Minister Thierack, according to which "Poles, Jews, Gypsies and (other) members of the Eastern people" are no longer subject to the general jurisdiction; meaning, they are to be handed over directly to the police for further treatment. (p. 81).

Report of SS-Obersturmfuehrer August Becker in Kiev, marked as Classified, addressed to SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Walther Rauff in Berlin, concerning the use of gas vans (meaning: mobile gas chambers). (pp. 82-83).

1) Request, marked as Classified, by the Chief of the Security Police and the SD (Sicherheitsdienst) of Ostland in Riga, for an additional gas van and replacement tubing for existing gas vans, addressed to the Reichssicherheitshauptamt in Berlin. Reason: Weekly transport of Jews intended for execution.
2) Report concerning the transfer (i.e. return) of a gas van from Belgrade to Berlin. (p. 84).

Message by the Chief of the Security Police and the SD, signed by SS-Gruppenfuehrer (probably Heinrich) Mueller, addressed to the Reichsfuehrer-SS. marked as Classified, concerning the planned deportation of a total of 45,000 Jews to Auschwitz camp, 11/01/1943-31/01/1943.
The total of 45,000 were comprised of (approximately) 30,000 Jews from the Bialystok district, 10,000 Jews from the Theresienstadt Ghetto, 3,000 Jews from the occupied Netherlands, and 2,000 Jews from Berlin.
According to Nazi expectations, between 10,000-15,000 among the 45,000 Jews were fit for work. (p. 85).

Minutes of a meeting between Reichsfuehrer-SS Himmler and Reichs Justice Minister Thierack, concerning matters of judicial practice, including an agreement between Himmler and Thierack according to which Jews, Poles, Gypsies, Russians and Ukrainians will no longer be [considered as] subjects of the general jurisdiction, but are to be "handled" directly by the SS. (pp. 86-87).

Police field report, concerning the extermination of the Pinsk Ghetto in Belorussia;
the Pinsk Ghetto was searched four times by police squads, and a total of (approximately) 26,200 Jews were murdered during 29/10/1942-01/11/1942. (pp. 88-89).

Circular No. 33/43g, by the Chief of the NSDAP Party Chancellery, Martin Bormann, by order of "The Fuehrer" Adolf Hitler, concerning the handling of the Jewish Question:
In public discussion of the matter, any reference to the "Final Solution" has to be omitted;
Instead, it could be mentioned that "the Jews were generally employed with appropriate work". (pp. 90-95).

- Date unknown -
Work report regarding "racial studies of certain population groups, in particular: Gypsies, tramps, and other asocial elements". (pp. 96-103).

Correspondence between Reichsarzt-SS Ernst-Robert Grawitz and Reichsfuehrer-SS H. Himmler, concerning serological examinations of Gypsies and Jews regarding racial differences. (pp. 104-106).

Statements, marked as Classified, by various SS-Gruppenfuehrer (the names are blacked out), sent to Reichsfuehrer-SS Himmler, concerning medical experiments in concentration camps, by order of the German Air Force, regarding the edibility of salt water. (pp. 107-108).

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