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Documents regarding the deportation of Jews who still resided in the Netherlands thanks to various exemptions, from the Archive of Hanns Albin Rauter, the HSSPF in the Netherlands, 1942-1944

Included in the documents are regulations, statistical data, reports regarding transports of Jews who possess certain rights who left Westerbork camp, and recommendations for the handling of the deportation of the following groups:

- Jewish Council personnel and their family members;
- Jews living in mixed marriages;
- Jews employed by the Wehrmacht;
- Jews who converted to Christianity;
- Jews who possess certificates attesting to non-Jewish origin;
- "Portuguese" Jews;
- Jews who are essential to the economy in the Netherlands;
- Jews who contributed significantly to Germany;
- Jews who are NSB members;
- Purchasers for the "Schwartzaktion" of the Four-Year Plan;
- Jews who are exempt from wearing the yellow badge;
- Jews who possess foreign passports;
- "Austausch-Juden";
- Jews who possess an emigration permit in exchange for money, diamonds, or rights for the Reich;
- Jews who are officials in Westerbork or Vught camps;

Included in the file:

Note regarding a discussion held between A.J.v.d. Leeuw from the RIOD and J. D. Jansen from Velp, on 17/11/1965, regarding the manner by which the material in the file reached the RIOD, 19/11/1965;


This file appears in two copies.

Additional Details

Record Group: M.68 - Archives in the Netherlands
File Number: ראה קוד מיקרופילם
Location of originals: NIOD, AMSTERDAM, NEDERLAND
Original Signature: Arch HSSPFmap181a
Item ID: 6105477

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