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Max Nedwed (b. 22.6.1902 in Hallein, d. unknown) was a high-ranking public official and SS officer. Nedwed was born in Austria where he studied law. He joined the Austrian police in Carinthia, attaining the rank of commissioner. Due to his enthusiasm for the Nazi cause, he joined the NSDAP as early as 1934, and was promoted following the annexation of Austria.

In 1940, Nedwed joined the ranks of the SS and began employment at the Gestapo, serving in Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) and Stettin (Szczecin) before being appointed head of the Gestapo offices in Köslin (Koszalin) in 1942.

In his capacity as head of the Köslin Gestapo, Nedwed was responsible for carrying out the deportation of the few Jews who remained in the region to the Theresienstadt ghetto, mostly from the city of Stolp.

From August 1943 to late 1944, Nedwed was head of the Gestapo offices in Kassel. Later he was appointed head of the Gestapo in Innsbruck, a position he held until the end of the war.

On May 2, 1945, Nedwed fled Innsbruck with other Gestapo officials but was captured several months afterwards. A French military tribunal sentenced him to twenty years in prison, but he was pardoned at an earlier date, living as a free man in Linz as early as 1958.

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