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Wilhelm Zöpf (b. 1908), a lawyer by occupation, joined the SS in 1937. Afterwards, he was appointed chief of the Sipo (Sicherheitspolizei - Security Police) in The Hague, and from April 1941 served as Adolf Eichmann’s representative in the Netherlands. In January 1942, he was placed in charge of the Department for Jewish Affairs (Referat IVb4). He was directly involved in the deportation of the Dutch Jews.
In February 1944, Zöpf participated in talks regarding the fate of Dutch Jews of Portuguese descent; in fact, he was the main power behind the decision to treat them as “full Jews” (defined as such under the Nuremberg Laws) and deport them. The deportation of the “Portuguese” to Theresienstadt began that very month.
Zöpf was captured in Germany in 1960, tried in Munich in 1967, and sentenced to nine years in prison.

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