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Ernst Heinrichsohn was born in Berlin in 1920. He joined the Gestapo in 1940 and was sent to Paris where he served first as deputy to Theodor Dannecker and later to Heinz Roethke, both heads of the Jewish Affairs Department at the Sipo-SD in Paris. In this capacity, Heinrichsohn was among those responsible for organizing the mass arrests of Jews as well as their deportation to the East. He took part in the discussions relating to this operation that were held in Paris in preparation for the Vel d'Hiv roundups of mid-July 1942 which led to the arrest and deportation of over 13,000 foreign Jews in Paris. He was also influential in the decision to begin the deportation of foreign Jews from the unoccupied zone in August 1942. Heinrichsohn was often present in the Drancy camp to supervise the deportations to the East. In 1943, he was appointed deputy to Kurt Lischka, commander of the Sipo-SD in France. His whereabouts after the war were unknown and Heinrischsohn was sentenced to death in absentia by a French court in 1956. He was exposed by Historian Serge Klarsfeld who discovered him working as Mayor of Buergstadt, Bavaria. He was brought to trial in Cologne in 1980 and received a six year sentence for his role in the deportation of Jews from France.

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