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Hans Günther (born August 22, 1910 in Erfurt, Germany - died May 5, 1945 in Hlasna Treban, Czechoslovakia), SS Sturmbannfuehrer (equivalent in rank to a U.S. Army Major), head of the Central Office for Jewish Emigration (Zentralstelle für jüdische Auswanderung) in Prague, was responsible for deporting Czech Jews to Theresienstadt and from there to the East.
At the age of 18 he joined the SA in Erfurt and soon become leader of the local SA unit. During a period of unemployment in 1934/35 he attended courses at SA schools in the German provinces of Niederrhein and Thueringen.
From September 1935 he worked for the Gestapo in Erfurt in the position of criminal police assistant. Two years later, in July 1937, he joined the SS and worked in department II b of the state police (Stapo – Staatspolizei) in Erfurt, together with his younger brother Rolf. The brothers’ task was to monitor “enemies of the state,” such as Jews or freemasons.

Hans and Rolf moved to Vienna in July 1938 and worked together at the Central Office for Jewish Emigration. A year later Hans became chief of the Central Office in Prague. In his position as head of the Central Office, Hans Guenther was responsible for deporting the Jews of the Protectorate to the Theresienstadt ghetto and thence to the death camps in the East. In Theresienstadt, he supervised executions of Jews, initiated the production of a well known propaganda movie on ghetto life intended for foreign audiences and established the Central Jewish Museum in Prague that was aimed at documenting the culture of the “Extinguished Jewish Race".
Hans Guenther remained in his position until the May 5, 1945 when he left Prague together with his brother Rolf, who had been in Prague since 1943 and several of his closest colleagues from the Central Office: Ernst, Girzick, Gerhard Guennel, Alois Aschenbrenner, Josef Weiszl and Hans Fiedler [Johannes Fidler]. Hans Guenther was shot to death the same day by Czech partisans.

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