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The Ravensbrück concentration camp for women was 90 kilometers north of Berlin, and became operative on May 15, 1939. By early February 1945, some 106,000 women, approximately 15 percent of them Jews, had been interned there. In its 34 satellite camps, these prisoners were put to forced labour, usually in military industry plants next to which the camps had been built. Various sources indicate that Dutch Jews also laboured for the air force industry in one such camp, by the name of Neustadt-Glewe.
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  • 05/04/1944
  • קרונות מחלקה שלישית
  • קרונות מחלקה שלישית
  • קרונות מחלקה שלישית
  • קרונות מחלקה שלישית
Beginning of Event (reconstructed) : 05/04/1944
Origin of Deportation : Westerbork, Camp, The Netherlands
Stopover :
  • Assen, Drenthe, The Netherlands
  • Nieuwe Schans, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Bergen, Celle (Lueneburg), Hanover, Germany
Destination of Deportation : Ravensbrück, Camp, Germany
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