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The transport orders were handed to the camp commander, Siegfried Seidl from the Office for the Settlement of the Jewish Question in Prague. According to the monthly report for the month of September, submitted by the Jewish Council (Ältestenrat) to the camp commander, the camp commander ordered the Jewish Council to pass questionnaires among the elderly ghetto inhabitants, where they would indicate their age, profession, and possible Aryan ancestry. According to the testimony of Max Cohn, who participated in the registration process, all the elderly deportees were called to report at the offices of the Jewish administration at the Magdeburg barracks to fill out these questionnaires. The questionnaires were then handed over to the camp commander’s office, where a committee of an unknown composition summoned the elderly inmates once more, and based on their details prepared and finalized the transport lists, apparently preferring to send away the elderly, the sick and the infirm. As a general rule, inmates were put on transports together with their spouses. Since there has not been enough elderly Czech Jews in the ghetto to fill the required quota, younger relatives of the deportees were encouraged to volunteer to the next transport, which, it was claimed, was headed for the same ghetto.
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  • Bw
  • 19/10/1942
  • Aussig Barracks
  • Trucks
  • Bohusovice train station
  • Cattle Cars
Beginning of Event (reconstructed) : 19/10/1942
No. of persons (Min. estimate) registered at beginning of event : 1983
No. of persons (Max. estimate) registered at beginning of event : 1984
No. of persons (Min. estimate) registered at end of event : 1983
No. of persons (Max. estimate) registered at end of event : 1984
Origin of Deportation : Theresienstadt, Ghetto, Czechoslovakia
Stopover : Bohusovice, Litomerice, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia
Destination of Deportation : Treblinka, Extermination Camp, Poland
End of Event (reconstructed) : 21/10/1942
Operational Framework : Aktion Reinhard
Display in intranet : Y
Link to historical background : Historical background: from Theresienstadt, Ghetto, Czechoslovakia to Treblinka, Extermination Camp, Poland between dates 15/10/1942 - 24/10/1942
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