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In 1944 the Gestapo launched six "small" transports from Munich, consisting of 44 Jews altogether.
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Route of Transport: from Departing Station Muenchen, Oberbayern, Bavaria, Germany to Theresienstadt, Ghetto, Czechoslovakia on 19/01/1944
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Origin of Deportation: Muenchen, München (München), Bavaria, Germany
Transport No: II/32
Beginning of Event: 19/01/1944
Segment of Route: Departing Station
Departure Station: Central Rail Station
Means of Transportation: Train
No. of People (Maximum Estimate): 7
Destination of Deportation: Theresienstadt, Ghetto, Czechoslovakia
End of Event: 20/01/1944
Transport No. upon Arrival: II/32
Link to Library:
  • Alfred Gottwaldt, Diana Schulle, Die "Judendeportationen" aus dem Deutschen Reich 1941-1945 (Wiesbaden: Marix Verlag, 2005), p. 462
  • Maximilian Strnad, Zwischenstation "Judensiedlung". Die Verfolgung und Deportation der jüdischen Münchner 1941-1945 (München: Oldenbourg Verlag, 2011)
  • Peter Hanke, Zur Geschichte der Juden in München zwischen 1933 und 1945 (München: Stadtarchiv, 1967), pp. 272-297
Link to Archives: Lists of 1, 313 Jews deported on Transport Nos. II/1-II/24, II/27-II/32 mainly from Munich, but also from Wuerzburg, Nuremberg and Regensburg to the Theresienstadt Ghetto, 04/06/1942-20/01/1944

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