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In June 1943 Germany was officially declared “Jew-Free” ("judenrein"). According to the 1943 census, there remained in Germany 9,529 people who were defined as Jews according the Nuremberg laws. Most of them were spouses in mixed marriages, Jews of mixed ancestry and Jewish community personnel that worked in the Jewish hospital. In addition, more than 2,000 Jews still lived in hiding.
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Route of Transport : from Departing Station Leipzig, Leipzig (Leipzig), Saxony, Germany to Theresienstadt, Ghetto, Czechoslovakia on 28/06/1943
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Origin of Deportation: Leipzig, Leipzig (Leipzig), Saxony, Germany
Transport No: XVI/2 Ez2
Beginning of Event: 28/06/1943
Segment of Route: Departing Station
Departure Station: Leipzig, Central Station
Means of Transportation: Train
No. of People (Minimum Estimate): 1
No. of People (Maximum Estimate): 1
Destination of Deportation: Theresienstadt, Ghetto, Czechoslovakia
Transport No. upon Arrival : XVI/2 Ez
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Bibliography :
  • Alfred Gottwaldt, Diana Schulle, Die "Judendeportationen" aus dem Deutschen Reich 1941-1945 (Wiesbaden: Marix Verlag, 2005), p.362
  • Jenaer Arbeitskreis Judentum , Juden in Jena : eine Spurensuche , (Jena : Glaux, 1998), pp. 69-72
Link to Archives : Lists of 985 Jews deported from Weimar, Leipzig, and Halle to the Theresienstadt Ghetto on Transport Nos. XVI/1-XVI/4, 20/09/1942-14/01/1944

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