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The fifth transport from Westerbork to Theresienstadt set out on April 5 with 289 Jews aboard and reached its destination two days later. A letter from the Security Police was sent on April 15 to the commander of Theresienstadt, Karl Rahm, including the passenger manifest. The roster of deportees was composed of 8 categories. The largest group, as in most transports to Theresienstadt, was the Stammliste (veterans of Westerbork), with 179 Jews who had helped to construct and operate the camp, and their families. Eichmann had approved their deportation to Theresienstadt while visiting The Hague in late 1943. The other groups consisted of 11 war-veteran Jews who had received the Class II Iron Cross and disabled war veterans who had received a golden Cross with their family members; 9 Jews who had attained notable achievements for the Reich, particularly in civilian capacities, and their families; 36 Jews who were being deported to Theresienstadt at the behest of the Central Bureau for Jewish Emigration in Amsterdam; 4 Portuguese Jews whose origins were still in question (308 Portuguese Jews had been transported to Theresienstadt on February 25 that year); 39 Jews whose “place of residence had been changed” by special order from the BdS in The Hague and the RSHA (Reichssicherheitshauptamt—Reich Main Security Office) in Berlin— these appear to be Jews who held Swedish or American citizenship; Geltungsjuden (deemed Jews ); and children whose parents had already reached Theresienstadt.
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Additional Details

  • XXIV/5
  • 05/04/1944
  • Westerbork transit camp
  • Passenger train 3rd class
  • Freight Train
  • Passenger train 3rd class
Beginning of Event (reconstructed) : 05/04/1944
No. of persons (Min. estimate) registered at beginning of event : 289
No. of persons (Max. estimate) registered at beginning of event : 289
No. of persons (Min. estimate) registered at end of event : 477
No. of persons (Max. estimate) registered at end of event : 477
Origin of Deportation : Westerbork, Camp, The Netherlands
Stopover : Hannover, Hannover (Hannover), Hanover, Germany
Destination of Deportation : Theresienstadt, Ghetto, Czechoslovakia
End of Event : 07/04/1944
End of Event (reconstructed) : 07/04/1944
Transport No. upon Arrival : XXIV/5
Display in intranet : Y
Link to historical background : Historical background: from Westerbork, Camp, The Netherlands to Theresienstadt, Ghetto, Czechoslovakia between dates 05/04/1944 - 07/04/1944
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