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From the fall of 1943 onwards, the deportation of the remaining Jews from Berlin was carried out amid heavy aerial bombings (“the Battle of Berlin”). Allied air strikes caused severe damage to the German capital’s infrastructure and to the Nazi Security Services facilities. Under these circumstances it was difficult to organize transports, but they did not cease. Although the city of Berlin had been officially declared "Free of Jews", the Gestapo continued to search for and arrest individual
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Route of Transport: from Departing Station Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Germany to Auschwitz Birkenau, Extermination Camp, Poland on 10/08/1944
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Origin of Deportation: Berlin, Berlin (Berlin), City of Berlin, Germany
Transport No: 56
Beginning of Event: 10/08/1944
Segment of Route: Departing Station
Assembly Area: Jewish Hospital Building, Iranische Strasse, 2-4, Berlin
Means of Transportation: Freight Train
No. of People (Minimum Estimate): 39
No. of People (Maximum Estimate): 99
Destination of Deportation: Auschwitz Birkenau, Extermination Camp, Poland
End of Event: 12/08/1944
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