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With the outbreak of WWII in September 1939, Adolf Hitler declared his intention to deport the Jewish population from the territories of the greater Third Reich and the “Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia” (Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren). However, apart from a few feeble, halfhearted attempts, the actual deportations were postponed a number of times as a result of political and military developments. The successful outcome of early military operations during Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Un
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Places: Wien, Vienna, Austria
Route of Transport: from Departing Station Wien, Vienna, Austria to Lodz, Ghetto, Poland on 19/10/1941
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Origin of Deportation: Wien, Vienna, Austria
Transport No: 7
Train No.: Da 5
Beginning of Event: 19/10/1941
Segment of Route: Departing Station
Assembly Area: School Compound, 2a Kleine Sperlgasse, Vienna 2
Departure Station: Vienna, Aspangbahnhof
Means of Transportation: Special passenger train (Sonderzug)
No. of People (Minimum Estimate): 1000
No. of People (Maximum Estimate): 1003
Destination of Deportation: Lodz, Ghetto, Poland
End of Event: 20/10/1941
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