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Despite the German withdrawal on the Eastern front and the heavy aerial bombardment of German cities, the deportation of Jews from German cities did not stop. On December 18, 1943, a circular signed by Gestapo chief Heinrich Müller was sent out to all Sipo (Security Police) local headquarters. It permitted the deportation of Jews, whose marriage to non-Jews had terminated due to divorce or death of the non-Jewish spouse
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Places: Wien, Vienna, Austria
Route of Transport: from Departing Station Wien, Vienna, Austria to Auschwitz Birkenau, Extermination Camp, Poland on 24/02/1944
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Origin of Deportation: Wien, Vienna, Austria
Transport No: 47e
Beginning of Event: 24/02/1944
Segment of Route: Departing Station
Assembly Area: Kruegerheim, Girls' Home, 7 Malzgasse / 8 Miesbachgasse, Vienna 2
Departure Station: Vienna, Nordbahnhof
No. of People (Minimum Estimate): 18
No. of People (Maximum Estimate): 41
Destination of Deportation: Auschwitz Birkenau, Extermination Camp, Poland
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