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Search Functions

Global Search field: Performs search with the term you have entered on all the fields contained in the catalogue. This search will give results where the term is also part of a word.

Advanced Search mode: Allows for many combinations of values and fields.

Title and/or Subject fields: Check the box to search the value as part of a word (e.g. searching for "Berlin" will also give results for Berlin's, Berliners, etc. search for “run” will give results for runner, running).

To search more than one Genre press Control and select from the drop down table.

You can search by the language of the film, its subtitles or dubbing. To search for multiple terms use and / or as separators between terms.

Use of Boolean Operators

Within any field, Boolean operators (Or, And and Not) may be used freely with standard Boolean syntax.

A search string may contain words or parts of words, together with various Boolean operators.

The asterisk (*) sign may be used to broaden a search. If you type * at the end of a word or word fragment - for example part* - the results will include words with partner, particle, participate and so on. An asterisk (*) may also be typed at the beginning of a word.

Placing quotation marks around two or more words means the entire string between the quotation marks will be treated as one term. For example “the night of the long knives” will find films in which this term is used.

Between the fields, the default is “And”. If you type in keyword: “Final Solution” and Director: “Andrew” you will only get results for items about the “Final Solution” that were directed by directors named Andrew.

Search Results

Search results are limited to 1000 items. If you have found more than 1000 items we suggest you refine you search.

The items displayed are arranged ABC of the title.

If you click on a given item, you will receive the entire catalogued record for the film. Underlined results, such as the name of director, production company, subject terms, etc. are “hot” and may be clicked as an additional way of searching for material.

You may select items from the results list and add them to your personal list of films - “My List” - by clicking the icon that appears to the left of a given item. Proceed to the next screen and do the same. When you click on the “My List” icon you will see your previous selected items as well as the newly added items. When you have finished selecting items from a given screen, click on the “My List” icon at the right hand top of the search results. To clear selected items press the icon that appears to the right of the film record.

In the “My List” page

You can expand the information presented on each item list by clicking on the icon, this will allow you to see more information catalogued on each record on the list.

You can print out “My List” in the expanded or condensed version, you may also email them or share them by clicking on the “Share” button and selecting the requested option.

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