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Local number: 109-2885
Author: Piraino, Marco
Joint author: Fiorito, Stefano
Title: Fascist identity
Sub-title: political project and doctrine of fascism
Original title: L'identita fascista - progetto politico e dottrina del fascismo
Publication Place: [Raleigh, N.C.]
Publisher: Lulu
Year for search: 2009
Language: English
Note: This book was purchased and added to the Yad Vashem Library thanks to the generous support of the Lewis and Ruth Sherman Foundation Canada, 2009
Bibliographical note: Bibliography: p. 269-274
ISBN: 9781409270591
Date of Accession: 10/09/2009
End of cataloguing: 13/09/2009
Subject: FASCISM
Item ID: 8058321

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